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Back in the days when women wanted to start a business, the options were limited... but today there are many opportunities for women to enter any market. Cricket is one of them and seeing the opportunity and the rapid growth of the sport in the country there is a need for high-quality cricket equipment in the market. To promote women's entrepreneurship and to meet the need for high-quality cricket equipment we came up with this venture called Gladiator India.


At Gladiator India, we keep quality as the focal point and make sure that every customer is delighted with the purchase. We started with the manufacture of high-quality bats and in the future will introducing many products with our innovative approach.

Using the right cricket bat makes all the difference in your game. Arming yourself with the best and most reliable equipment can only serve to improve your game and show off your skills in the best way possible.

Choosing the right bat can be difficult. But Gladiator India has made it easy for you by checking every small detail and made sure you are satisfied with the final product.

cricket bat


Kashmir Willow
Kashmir Willow is grown in the Kashmir area of northwest India. Kashmir Willow is used in the production of bats as it is very tough and shock-resistant, durable as well as very light in weight. That is the reason Kashmir willow bats are used by professional cricket players. Our bats are made of Kashmir Willow, our team of engineers, designers, and craftsmen make our products from the finest materials.

Bat weight
Bat weight is a crucial factor that can have a huge effect on your game. Heavier bats are more durable and can make more of an impact on the ball. Lightweight bats are easier to handle and require less strength, and can give you a faster overall bat speed. Depending on your strengths as a player the weight of the bat can be a huge factor. Taking care of all of these factors we have made it easy for your customer to make the right choice as per their needs. Each bat goes through quality and weight inspection and we provide multiple options for you so you can find the perfect fit for yourself.

cricket bat
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