Gladiator Scoop Tennis Blaster
  • Kashmir willow double size scoop bat for Soft and Hard tennis ball.
  • Bat Size 35 inch Top handle to the bottom of the willow.
  • Full cane round handles with rubber grip.
  • Willow thickness between 40 to 45 mm at width 11 cm
  • Weight between 900 to 1150 gm.
  • 3-month handle removal warranty.
  • Comes in different designs & grip colors
  • Comes with a FREE Grip


Note: Due to some false complaints by some customers that they did not receive the FREE gift. We request you to take a short video while opening the package so it becomes easy for us to verify and send you your FREE gift in case you didn't receive one. Thank you for your co-operation.


Due to Covid-19, we are taking only prepaid orders. Your safety is our priority.

Gladiator Scoop Tennis Blaster